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Mumbai Call Girls Sharing Their Personal Experience With Clients

In Mumbai, I have seen many models and other girls who act as escorts. The business is not secret. I didn't go to any school and am not studying at any university. I am sharing my personal experience with the people I trust. There are some who want to do this as a part-time job and then there are some like me who don't want to look at working in a bar again.

I also don't want to work in a bar again. The clients just want a woman who treats them right and doesn't get into some fights as well as one who doesn't drink too much. Mumbai call girls sharing their personal experience with clients Dear Lovers, I have also been in this underworld. But I was introduced to it by my friends, they told me they were being paid handsomely by being escorts to high profile clients and that I should also try it once.

I even enrolled myself at an escort agency's office, where I was asked to run errands and do other stuff. After a few days of this, the agency told me that I had been selected by a client and that I would be flown down to Delhi. I was apprehensive when I boarded the plane and all my fears were true when I reached there.

I was too young to understand the meaning of sex, there were just a few boys in college who were trying to hit on me and I didn’t know how to. So I just grabbed an opportunity when my friend told me about the kind of money I could earn by being an escort to a senior who was ready to pay me 30K for one night. In those days, 30k was a huge amount for me; I simply had never thought I could earn so much.

Now when I think back on it all, I feel terrible. But when I started off, everything was exciting, I had my own room at one of the hotels in Andheri and my clients would come to me looking all rich and handsome.

When I agreed to go with a man from a very influential family in the city, sitting in his Audi, he started behaving in a peculiar way. He began complimenting me on my dark skin and said how beautiful I looked. It made me smile but just when he was about to kiss me, I stopped him and told him I would rather be paid for the work that I am doing.

Call Girls Revealing What They Hate About Their Jobs

Eventually, I got more comfortable with it. Mumbai call girls sharing their personal experience with clients What I don't like about the Job of An Escort? There are a few things that I don't like about this job, which I would like to share with you. First of all, the most uncomfortable part is when you have to teach your body to respond to the touch of every man that you come across. No matter how many times you go through this, it still feels awkward and odd.

So, you have booked a girl from Mumbai escorts or any other part of India. It was an amazing experience. Now you are going to meet her again. This time, you are meeting her in person for a date. But you know what? There is a chance that she will not be the same person you were talking to on the phone. It's true when a man meets a girl for the first time, he expects her to be everything that she was on the phone or through text messages.

This is something that no one tells you and what you have to teach your body to feel comfortable doing." she said. "The job is exciting and you get to meet a lot of cool people along the way. There are also a lot of things that you would never imagine doing. The new generation of girls is more aware and confident, yet it is difficult to imagine them doing such a job. But as the world has turned 'conservative' and 'religious', girls who want to make quick money without lifting a finger are no longer limited to working in bars, restaurants or hotels.

Often it is hard to believe that a pretty girl can do a job that requires her to be with multiple men each day. Escorts, who always appear bubbly, sweet, and nice, live the life that cannot be imagined by most people and reveal things they hate about their jobs.


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