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From Outfits To Seductive Steps, Mumbai Call Girls Are Tempting

These call girls are trained in many ways. Apart from the head office, we also have a training center. We teach them how to behave with their clients, how to dress properly, and everything they need to know while they are out with their clients. We have trainers who show them the dos and don’ts of the job. We give them a handbook which is a notebook in which all their information is kept. The addresses, mobile numbers, and bank account details of their clients are all kept in this notebook.

Meghna Singh, who used to be a call girl until four years ago, said, “My mother died when I was young and my father was an alcoholic. I didn’t have anyone else to take care of me. So, from my childhood days, I started earning for my family. Initially, I was working at a bar in the Kamathipura area in Mumbai.

The kind of work that I did at the bar was like dancing and providing company to drunken men by talking to them and making them feel welcome. I used to get paid 100 rupees for one hour of work. After working there for a while, I found a small-time agent who got me some clients, and then I started earning 5,000 rupees per day. We have some models that have been with us for quite a while now and they know what is expected of them.

It was not easy for me to get clients as I was just new at it but things started to look better as I got to know the place better. Apart from the money, I also earned some very nice gifts from my clients because they are really rich people. Some of them even bought me expensive clothes and jewelry.

A Man dubs them as the 'Kellys of Mumbai', and that is how it got started. At the mere age of 18, I started off my career as an escort and today I have been in this business for the last six years. It all began when I was working at a bar in Mumbai and I was paid a daily salary of 1,000 rupees. But, I never liked it and wanted something more.

The Rate Of Mumbai Escorts On Daily Basis

When I was in my early 20's and had worked at that bar for several months, I met this guy who introduced me to the business of being an escort. He used to get me clients and I used to charge 5,000 rupees per client. Over the past few years, I have worked with many clients as well as worked alongside models who have had satisfactory jobs. Some of them have been with me for four years now and they still continue to be with me because I treat them well.

In this article, we are introducing another woman who has found success in the escort business. We had a conversation with her and she shares her experience so far in this job. She has worked in the field for over three years now and says that she does not regret any of the things that happened to her as an escort.

Ruchi Gupta is originally from Delhi and is a resident of Mumbai's Andheri area. She has been working as an escort for the past 3 years and is one of our most famous escorts.

In this interview, we will focus on Ruchi's personal experience with clients. A lot of clients want to know us personally and ask about our personal experience before actually meeting us. This is the main reason why we are interviewing Ruchi, who works as an escort for a long time.

We will know how she started working as an escort, how much money she makes, whether she regrets ever having started working as an escort etc.

I am working as a Mumbai escort for the last two years. Before that, I was working in a bar, dancing and entertaining drunken men so that they do not feel lonely and have a good time. I used to get paid 100 rupees per hour by the bar owner. I danced on the stage and got tips from customers.

The life of a Mumbai call girl is not easy as they have lots of pressure on them to please their clients. They need to be in the company of rich and wealthy guys who can pay them well. This is why Mumbai-call girls are all in a race to seduce their clients by wearing sexy outfits and doing erotic dance steps.

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